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Video Transfers

Video type:  VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV, Hi-8, Digital 8, Super 8, and Beta tapes to professionally-graded DVD. 


On top of doing video transfers, we can take old footage, edit it, and turn it into a movie or a DVD. 

Our DVD process will enhance film quality, provide a permanent storage solution, and create copies for distribution to friends and family.

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Sheri Brooks McInturff 

(Bartlesville, OK)

"I took 15 VHS tapes to Frank to transfer to DVDs for us. These tapes were very special to us because they were of our daughters, who are grown and married now; of my dad and other family members that are in heaven. We were nervous about watching them, afraid they'd break. Frank consolidated them for us and they're wonderful! Now we can watch these sweet memories and laugh and cry any time we want. Thanks, Frank!"  


Jerry Carbone

(Director, Bratteboro Library)

"Frank, I want to thank you for your quality work in converting many of the unique VHS tapes in the library to DVD format. This preservation conversion will help help extend the life of these important programs to the community."

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